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Workshop Contribution MuC 2023

InclusiveVR@Work: Inclusive collaboration environments for workers with and without visual impairments using virtual reality
In this contribution to the workshop "participative and socially responsible technology design", we present the research project InclusiveVR@Work. The aim of the project is to develop innovative working environments for people with severe visual impairments in VR that enable equal participation in working life in vocational education and training.
Henrik Mucha, Henrik; Hoppe, Adrian; van de Camp, Florian; Anken, Julia; Schwarz, Thorsten; Müller, Karin (2023): InclusiveVR@Work: Inklusive Kooperationsumgebungen für Arbeitskräfte mit und ohne Sehbehinderung mittels Virtueller Realität. Mensch und Computer 2023 - Workshopband. DOI: 10.18420/muc2023-mci-ws02-426. GI. MCI-WS02: Partizipative und sozialverantwortliche Technikentwicklung. Rapperswil. 3.-6. September 2023
This Workshop Contribution is only available in German.